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It was love at first sight!

In the spring of 2020 we uprooted ourselves from Los Angeles, CA to a quieter life in Queen Creek, AZ. One of my demands was that if I was going to leave my family I needed to have the space and land that I always dreamed of. I wanted dogs and mini horses, mini donkeys and alpacas and goats, all of it. I wanted all of it! Immediately. Well cooler heads prevailed (Ross') and I waited, I learned about the land we bought and I waited. I found a wonderful Nigerian Dwarf  Goat breeder in Flagstaff AZ and from the moment I saw Latte and Max I was in love. Ridiculous love. True deep love for these amazing, funny creatures. So much so I have embarked on this journey of breeding high quality dairy goats and I am  not looking back. Join us on this journey of breeding, kidding, milking and producing high quality dairy goats with exceptional genes and temperament.

                                               -Jennifer McKenna

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