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Reservations & Sales

If you are interested in reserving a goat kid or would like more information , please take a moment to fill out our Goating To Know You Questionnaire.

We excited for our next breeding season! Is there anything better than baby goats??

All does below are first fresheners. We will be retaining at least one doeling per pairing.

This will be determined in the first few weeks.

Please inquire to see who may be available.

All kids will be available after 8 weeks old.

They will have their first vaccine and are disbudded by a Veterinarian.

All bucklings will be wethered and sold as pets.

To reserve a kid from a pairing below is $50 via venmo (@thelillows) please put in the notes which pairing you are interested in. There is no cost to be added to the waitlist.

People fall off the reservation list all the time.

2024 Breeding Plan

We are excited to have two does from Tiny Hill Farm, located in Milton Hills NH!

Not only are Dusty and Atty full of personality but they are sure to be milking powerhouses.

"Tiny Hill Farm breeds ultra- productive Nigerian dwarf dairy goats with a focus on humanely breeding healthy goats with a long, productive lifespan. Tiny Hill has some extremely competitive milking genetics, including two Top Ten does in 2020, 15 Elite goats in 2023, and four ADGA Young Sire Development Program Qualifiers in 2020."

Visit Tiny Hill Farm's site.

ADGA planning

Sweet Snow White Jade's Pistol *B & Tiny Hill Miss Atomic Bomb "Atty" (ff)

February 24

Two bucklings and a doeling: All reserved

ADGA planning
Tiny Hill Farm Dustland Fairytale
Tiny Hill Farm Dustland Fairytale
Tiny Hill Farm Miss Atomic Bomb

Sweet Snow White Jade's Pistol *B & Coconino CA Sweet Latte

April 24

3 doelings born on 4/3/24

Latte is a fantastic doe. She kids with ease, is a great mom and has beautiful and friendly kids.

Her kids are perfect for any homestead. 

Doelings: $400

Wethers: $150

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 12.22.07 PM.png
Joie de Vivre Tiger Eye
The Lillows One Love

Joie De Vivre AL Tiger Eye *B & Lillows One Love "Bunny" 

Chance of Polled -2 doelings and a buckling

Doelings: $400

Wethers: $150

Tiny Hill Farm Miss Atomic Bomb
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