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Reservations & Sales

If you are interested in reserving a goat kid or would like more information , please take moment to fill out our Goating To Know You Questionnaire.

As this is our first year of kidding we will be retaining at least one doe from each match. 

This will be determined in the first few weeks.

Please inquire to see who may be available.

All kids will be available after 8 weeks old.

They will have their first vaccine and are disbudded by a Veterinarian.

All bucklings will be wethered and sold as pets.

To reserve a kid is $50 via venmo (@thelillows) please put in the notes which kid you are interested in. There is no cost to be added to the waitlist.

People fall off the reservation list all the time.

2023 Kids-None available

Sweet Snow White Jade's Pistol *B & Prairie Wood Hopeless Wanderer (ff)

2 Doelings - Cou Blanc and Black with roan and frosting



Sweet Snow White Jade's Pistol *B & Coconino CA Sweet Latte (ff)

2 Doelings - Black with lots of white, roaning and frosting and Chamoise with frosting


IMG_0102 2.heic

Sweet Snow White Jade's Pistol *B & Prairie Wood Joyride (ff)

2 Doelings - Cou Blanc and Cou Clair with brown, black and tan



We were fortunate to have 6 gorgeous doelings this first kidding!

All kids are Dam raised for 8 weeks and socialized to humans and goats.

Our kids are as friendly as bottle-raised kids, healthy and happy.

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